Z PDS for High-tech Manufacturers

High-tech Original Equipment Manufacturers have uniquely cross-functional and extended supply chain processes for Product Development. Ability to coordinate design, engineering, manufacturing and logistics processes across the supply chain is fundamental to effective product development for high-tech original equipment manufacturers. Z PDS is the ideal solution for high-tech OEMs to collaborate with EMS/ODM organizations, component suppliers, testing partners, distributors and third party logistics organizations to support the full product lifecycle.

Engineering Change Management

Short product lifecycles and large number of engineering and process changes during the lifecycle are common for high-tech OEMs. In addition, extensive collaboration with manufacturing, testing and logistics service providers is needed to successfully support the full product lifecycle. Z PDS inherently supports collaborative engineering change management processes that are ideal for High-tech OEMS.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Readiness

It takes more than just designing a product to get it ready for manufacturing and the supply chain. A cross-functional team that consists of people from quality, tooling, plant management, suppliers and logistics companies need to work together and get the overall manufacturing and supply chain infrastructure ready for new product introduction. Z PDS is ideally designed to support the collaboration and process orchestration needed for Manufacturing and Supply Chain Readiness.

Continuous Improvement Processes

Continuous improvement is the cornerstone of high quality products. Z PLM has out of the box cross-functional process templates for product/process improvement requestscustomer complaintswarranty requestsreturn materialscorrective action requestsnon-conformances and deviations. In addition, Z PLM supports different types of root cause analyses as part of continuous improvement processes.